Habakkuk's Call

7. Habakkuk’s Call (Habakkuk 1:2 & 1:5)
Taken from ESV Bible; Written by Rachel Wilhelm & Andy Zipf

O Lord, how long shall I cry for help

And You will not hear?
Or cry to You, “violence!”
And You will not save?

Look among the nations and see

Wonder and be astounded
For I am doing a work in your days

That you would not believe if told


With Habakkuk's Call, there begins a segment on the record where I break into the laments in Habakkuk. I was studying the book a couple of winters ago and it was suggested I memorize what our study leader called "Mini Habakkuk". She divided the whole book of Habakkuk into five sections which cover its main points. The best way for me to memorize is to write a song, so that's what I did with the texts. I crunched the first two together as a sort of call and response. Habakkuk calls and God responds. The Amen is something Andy added in the studio that I felt really rounded out the song...when we lament, and we hear from God, oftentimes it is not something we want to hear. We want a solution. But the only thing we can do is just agree. Resign. 

When writing this I was in a huge amount of depression and my first Minnesota winter. I sat with my daughter's baritone ukulele and picked out an almost Hebrew sounding melody.