You Watch Me

11. You Watch Me

Written by Rachel Wilhelm

1. You know my path and my lying down

You know all my ways, You watch me

Before a word was on my tongue
Before I was, You saw me

You saw me

Where can I go from Your presence
You’re in the deep and in the air
Where can I flee from the Eyes that see me

Not adrift or asleep, but everywhere You’re everywhere

2. You saw my frame, unformed and frail

My inward part, You weaved me
Before I saw light, You knew my name

And all the days before me

Before me


Psalm 139 always scared me and comforted me at the same time. It is also one of the most pro-life passages of Scripture in the Bible. And a passage that also shouts predestination and God's sovereignty. I wanted to capture the eerieness of the whole situation with the tune. I wrote this during the same time I wrote Out of the Depths.